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Building Permit Application
Brule County South Dakota

-highlight application
-select "FILE" at top of screen
-select "PRINT"
at page range mark "SELECTION"
-then print 

Brule County                               Building Permit No.______________________
Zoning Administrator                    Date Issued____________________________
300 S. Courtland St. Ste.101        Receipt No.____________________________
Chamberlain, SD 57325                Check_____________ Cash______________
(605) 234-4432                             Fee Paid $____________________________
Legal Description:______________________________________________________________________
Please attach a list of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all other contractors and subcontractors on a seperate sheet of paper.
Total Cost___________________________
Class of Work:             _____New                        _____Demolish
                                   _____Alteration                _____Repair
                                  ______Addition                 _____Move
Size:__________________                                  Height:___________________
No. of Stories:__________                                   Size of Lot:_______________
Zoning:________________                                   Existing Use:_____________
Signs, If permitted                                               Proposed Use of Structure:
   Size:________________                                   Primary:_________________
Type of Construction:(e.g. wood, brick, etc.)          No. Off-Street Parking
______________________                                   Spaces:_________________
Attach to this application a scale drawing of the shape and dimensions of the location of streets and alleys: all existing and proposed buildings and distances from buildings to lot lines; an proposed and existing off street parking.
Note:  This application is not acceptable unless all required information is furnished and accurate. Every permit issued by the Zoning Official under the provisions of this code shall expire by limitation and become null and void if the building or work authorized by such permit is not commend within 90 days from the date of such permit, or if the building or work authorized by such permit is not completed within one year from issuance of permit.
Approval of this building permit should not and shall not be construed as an approval of the endorsement or ability of the contractors involved, the suitability for the proposed use of the plans submitted, the fitness of the proposed location of the construction, the ownership of the land shown, a right to change water drainage in any manner or to grant any other right to authority except as is authorized by the Brule County Zoning Ordinance.
The above information is, to the best if my knowledge, true and accurate. It is understood and agreed that any error, misstatement of misrepresentation of fact, either with or without intention on my part such as might, if known, cause a refusal of the application, or any alteration or change in plans made without the sufficient grounds for the renovation of such permit.
Approved:_______________     Signature:_________________________________
                                                            (Owner or Contractor)
Disapproved:____________      Signature:_________________________________
                                                            (Zoning Administrator)

QUESTIONS?? 605-234-4432