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Highway Dept
Brule County South Dakota

DEPUTY-Regina (Doc) Geppert

Brule County Highway Department maintains approximately 520 miles:
90 miles of oil roads and 430 miles of gravel roads plus 14 bridges.
The Highway Department is responsible for blading, graveling, culverts, approaches, backsloping, tree removal(in county right away), resealing oil roads, patching, signing, mowing, rebuild gravel roads, snow removal, sanding(designated areas), and bridge repair.
Brule County Highway Department also maintains the noxious weed & pest control program:
  • Weed control on approximately 520 miles (1040 miles of Brule County right-of-way).
  • full spray (county ditches)
  • spot spray (county ditches)
  • handle weed complaints & monitor all land in Brule County
  • check complaints & send out voluntary compliance notices
  • enforce noxious weed control (when necessary)

 Brule County Highway Department also maintains 911 addressing:

  • address new dwellings
  • make & deliver new 911 addresses
  • maintains all 911 street & avenue signs


  • regular hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm (M-F)
  • daylight savings hours: 7:00am to 5:30 (M-T)


Brule County Highway Department
200 E. Votman St.
Kimball, SD 57355

Phone: (605)778-6259
Cell:    (605)730-0068
Fax:    (605)778-6701




NOTE:  Things that need Highway Superintendents approval:

  • anything involving County right-of-ways
  • trenching across or under county roads